Gearly 1.1 is starting to roll out

After a long and sporadic development period, Gearly 1.1 is slowly starting to roll out to users. It will continue to do so in the coming weeks if everything seems to be working fine.
Here are the highlights from the 1.1 release:

- Swedish GUI
- Swedish manual (available from website)
- Ounce (oz) can be used instead of grams to express
weight in the app
- New backup and restore location (backups are now
put in the Documents\Gearly_backups folder. NOTE:
Old backups should be moved to this new folder to
be able to be imported)
- Updated payment framework
- Support for making app crashes easier to analyze
and fix
- Customizations no longer need to have a capital
- Added ability to zoom gear images
- Bug fixes
- Performace fixes